FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Team 753

A Photo of Our 2011-12 FTC Team A Photo of Our 2011-12 FTC Robot

FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Team 753 was founded in 2005 as a FIRST Vex Challenge (FVC) team.   The team, which is limited to 10 members, is open to Greenville County high school students and middle school students with significant prior robotics experience.

Each year we build an 18"x18"x18" robot beginning in September when we find out what the new game is.   We then compete in one or more state tournaments, hopefully qualifying to take part in the World Championship.

For the 2011-12 season, the new game "Bowled Over!" involves many challenges including scoring racket balls in goals and crates, stacking crates, and rolling a bowling ball into a zone or up a ramp.   Since September, we have worked hard designing, building, and programming a robot to address the challenges of this exciting game.

For more information about FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC), go to our FIRST programs webpage or go to the offical FTC webpage.

Previous Years Teams and Robots

2010-11 Season - "GET OVER IT!"

We competed at the NC FTC Championship Tournament, which was a new and interesting experience.

A Photo of Our 2010-11 FTC Team with Their Robot A Photo of Our 2010-11 FTC Robot

2009-10 Season - "HotShot!"

We won the Inspire Award at SC FTC Championship Tournament and qualified to compete in the FTC World Championship, where we seeded 5th in our division.

A Photo of Our 2009-10 FTC Team Winning the Inspire Award A Photo of Our 2009-10 FTC Robot

More Photos

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